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Wondering if this tour really is the best? Don't take our word for it. Here's what nearly 20 years of past travelers think:

The THEATREWORKS London trip is the high point of every year for me.  Fabulous theatre in one of the world's great cities---with fine dining, great museums, and enjoyable sight-seeing of all types. Murray and Drew are masters at running this trip: all logistics run smoothly, thanks to Drew; we have fascinating visits by actors, directors, critics; and Murray's discussions of the plays add something amazing that one could not get going on one's own.  I have recommended this trip to several friends, and all have been thrilled with it.


Sandra - Colorado Springs, CO

This tour is truly the best! I love the informality of it. With lots of time to see probably the best theater in the world AND do all the things  YOU like to do in London, it's the perfect way to spend early January.


Kathy - Colorado Springs, CO

On my first London Theatre Tour, I met many people in the group who had been attending regularly for years. By the end of the week, I understood why.  Not only did I see some of the most interesting plays of the season, I gained a deeper understanding of them through the morning seminars, which frequently featured an actor or director.  And the additional benefits included congenial and smart companions, expert staff support, fabulous food, and enough down time to explore London on your own.  Now after three memorable Tours, I can almost call myself a “regular.”


Rita - Charleston, WV



Here's what travelers have said about the morning meetings:


I could not have enjoyed or appreciated Murray's morning lectures more. They are thoughtful, responsible, insightful and fabulous!


This is an invaluable part of the tour.


No one is as good at facilitating a discussion. Murray can get a sphinx to talk! Yet, when we need some background, Murray is both eloquent and clear.


Murray is erudite without being up tight; I love listening to and occasionally jousting with (even though I always lose), the master. I have a picture in my mind now of myself as the dog sitting in front of the Victrola.


Who could say any thing but that Murray's morning meetings are excellent! The tour truly would not be the same without them.


In my opinion, these meeting are the highlight of the trip. He gives us so much info that we would never know if he didn't tell us.